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Board of Adjustment

Tyler Gammon, Jr.

Any person dissatisfied by any decision of the County Engineer in the enforcement of County zoning regulations may appeal to the Board of Adjustment. The Board has the following duties:

  • Rule on appeals of any order, requirement, decision, or determination by the County Engineer in enforcing zoning regulations.
  • Grant variances to property owners where a strict application of zoning regulations, because of shape of the property, would result in exceptional difficulties or undue hardship.
  • Rule on requests for map interpretations or make other decisions on special questions.
  • To grant special exceptions for land uses.

Appeals may be taken to the District Court or Supreme Court.

The Board of Adjustment is composed of three resident property owners of the County, appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. At least one member must be a resident of the County seat and at least one must be a licensed attorney in the State. Members serve without compensation. The Planning Commission Secretary also serves as Secretary to the Board of Adjustment.

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