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Welcome to the Oklahoma County Community Sentencing web page. Oklahoma County Community Sentencing is a program allowed by state statute and overseen by a council of elected officials and private citizens. The Community Sentencing Program is funded by state revenue and fees from each offender therefore not directly drawing on county tax revenue.

The Oklahoma County Community Sentencing Program monitors probation plans on eligible offenders currently living within Oklahoma County and convicted of non-violent crimes. Probation plans are the courts order of tasks each offender is to complete while on probation. These tasks could include maintaining employment, completing job readiness classes, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, education, daily living skill classes, community service hours, or any other task that assists the offender in becoming a productive part of the community of Oklahoma County.

Community Sentencing is working to develop a 28-week outpatient substance abuse program that would target female offenders and address areas of treatment exclusively for women. We are seeking local businesses and employers to enter into a partnership with Community Sentencing in order to provide employment opportunities to all of our offenders.

The employers believe in holding offenders assigned to the Oklahoma County Community Sentencing Program accountable for their actions. We desire to work at preserving public safety for all citizens of Oklahoma County.

Each monthly meeting of the Community Sentencing Council is open to the public and public opinion and input are appreciated.
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