Oklahoma County District One
Paving the road to a brighter future!


Under Commissioner Johnson District 1 has overseen the construction of 153.5 lane miles of road.

Oklahoma County District One is responsible for maintaining approximately 209.23 miles of roads within Eastern Oklahoma County. This total includes roads in the unincorporated areas of District 1, as well as the interior roads in all or part of Forest Park, Jones, Luther and Spencer. Together, these two responsibilities account for approximately 41% of the total road miles in Oklahoma County. It is interesting to note that while we maintain approximately 41% of the county’s road miles, we receive only 1/3 of the available funding for Oklahoma County roads.

In addition to the primary road responsibilities listed above, District 1 has entered into partnerships for the maintenance and construction of roads with Oklahoma City, Midwest City and Del City.


If you have a question or concern about a road maintenance issue or an on-going road project, please contact Brian Jasper at (405) 713-2364 or by email at: d1brijas@oklahomacounty.org


There are over 160 bridges listed on the Oklahoma County bridge inventory, 36 of those fall within the boundaries of District 1. Since 2007 District 1 has replaced or constructed 9 new bridges. We currently have engineering services for several upcoming projects. Funding for our bridge projects come from a variety of sources, including county, state and federal dollars.