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Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office -- Communications Division

The Communications Division is the life line for all field deputies. Nine municipalities also rely on our communications division for dispatch services to their police officers and firefighters.

The Communications Center answers a multitude of calls. Statistics compiled for 2003 demonstrate more than 10,500 calls for service were taken; in addition to those calls 26,000 9-1-1 calls were answered and dispatched.

If you make a 9-1-1 call on accident, please stay on the phone and allow the communications specialists to confirm your information (address, phone number, and what name the phone number is under). Do not hang up. If our dispatchers can not determine that an emergency does not exist they will have to dispatch all services to your address. We realize that accidental 911 calls will be made. If a child is found to be playing with the telephone and calling 911 a deputy may be dispatched to the address to speak with the child about the seriousness of tying up emergency services.

The new Communications Center is online. Large computer monitors with touch screen capability are running very efficiently. The new technology associated with this system enhances our ability to access information more readily, record and analyze data more efficiently. The locally-developed computer-aided dispatch system interfaces with our records/warrant information allowing deputies in the field to access information from our internal database. This system allows deputies in the field to process and send their reports from the field for approval.

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