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Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office -- C.R.A.S.H.S. COURT

CRASHs Court is short for Courts Raising Awareness of Students in High School.

CRASHs Court is a three-part program that will take 60-75 minutes to complete and is held in the High School auditorium or gymnasium.

The first portion is the court room setting where a District Judge will take pleas and impose sentences ranging from probation to jail time. This is NOT a mock trial. This is actual district court which includes the involvement of the District Attorney's Office, Public Defender's Office, private attorneys, and the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office.

The second portion of CRASHs Court begins after court is recessed. Students are shown video clips that graphically demonstrate the consequences of disastrous critical life choices. Many of the video clips are obtained from local news stories about drunk driving crashes. The District Judge will narrate between the video clips giving additional information about each video segment.

The third portion of CRASHs Court is the victim impact speaker who relates his or her own personal tragedy. This portion of the program is designed to appeal to the students' emotions and to allow each student to put themselves into the tragedy of the speaker and the videos.

The program ends with the Sheriff of Oklahoma County encouraging the students to exercise courage to make the tough choices to avoid the life altering, potentially deadly consequences of making bad choices.

For more information regarding CRASHs Court contact:

Deputy Phillip Gordon
Office: 405-523-1592
E-mail: sophigor@oklahomacounty.org

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