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Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office -- Field Services

Honor Guard
Oklahoma County Honor Guard
Honor Guard

The Honor Guard represents the honor and professionalism of the sheriff's office. They are called upon by organizations and other agencies throughout the state to perform duties such as posting the colors to honoring a fallen deputy or officer.

In November 2002 the Honor Guard grew from 12 to 25 full time and reserve deputies. A new training program was added as well as a shotgun to honor fallen deputies with a 21-gun salute.

Contact Number: (405) 713-1876

Detention Honor Guard

The Detention Honor Guard was formed in November of 2003. The 10 detention officers perform duties much like Sheriff Deputies and help enhance the capabilities of the Honor Guard team as a unit. Phone: (405) 713-1876

Oklahoma County Honor Guard

Reserve Division

The Reserve Division has 200 members. The Sheriff requires that all Reserve Deputies be active and trained. The Reserve Division has undergone extensive restructuring and a full-time deputy has been appointed to coordinate the program to ensure professional conduct. Each Reserve Deputy is required to work a minimum of 16 hours per month, attend a basic law enforcement academy, and attend annual refresher training. Phone: (405) 869-2531. Learn more

Oklahoma County Sheriff's Mounted Patrol at the State Capital

Bomb Squad
Oklahoma County Sheriff's Bomb Squad

Accredited by the Federal Bureau of Investigations the Bomb Squad is a highly trained team which responds to any explosives related incident throughout Oklahoma County. The team is made up of full time, and reserve deputies. The squad has 3 certified Hazardous Devices Technicians. Members of the team have received training in arson investigations, post blast investigations, weapons of mass destruction (WMD), hazardous materials (HAZMAT), and underwater explosive recovery. The bomb squad also has 3 canines that are trained to “sniff” out explosive devices. The Oklahoma County Bomb Squad responds to an average of 50 emergency calls per year. Phone: (405) 713-1921

Training Division
Firearms training The Training Division is responsible for employee training which includes deputies, detention officers, civilian, reserve personnel, and numerous officers from outside law enforcement agencies. Training is conducted at Oklahoma County training facilities in eastern Oklahoma County. The facilities include classrooms, pistol and rifle ranges, driver training track, and a bomb disposal site. Phone: (405) 713-2033. Learn more

Patrol Division
Motorcycle Patrol Running Radar
The largest field division in the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office, the Patrol Division is responsible for patrolling 720 square miles, and protecting nearly 700,000 citizens in Oklahoma County. As a result of the Patrol Division a statistical fact shows that since 1997 crime is down by 85% in the unincorporated areas of Oklahoma County. The mission of the patrol division is to provide quality law enforcement services to the citizens of Oklahoma County as well as provide assistance to smaller municipalities within the county, and to assist the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. The 50 member Patrol Division offers specialty services though the K-9, Traffic Safety, and Motorcycle Units. As a result of traffic safety initiatives which include safety checkpoints and seatbelt enforcement traffic accidents have been reduced by 73%. Phone: (405) 869-2522

Traffic Safety
Traffic Safety Unit
The Traffic Safety Unit consists of a team of deputies who identify high traffic crash locations involving injury of fatalities and place special emphasis on targeting those locations to prevent accidents from occurring. The Traffic Unit was created in 1997 when the first Oklahoma Highway Safety Office grant was awarded to the Sheriff’s Office to hire deputies and purchase patrol cars, and motorcycles. The Traffic Safety Unit works with other law enforcement agencies throughout the county. Phone: (405) 869-2528

K - 9 Unit
The K-9 Unit specializes in training dogs to apprehend criminals by using non-lethal tactics. The team of handlers and German Shepherds are certified in narcotics, and explosives detection. The unit participates in demonstrations, drug awareness education, and provides assistance to other law enforcement agencies in Oklahoma County. Phone: (405) 869-2528

Traffic Safety Unit
The Tactical Unit handles situations which require specialized equipment and training including barricaded suspects, hostage situation, and high risk arrests. The Sheriff’s Tactical Unit has primary responsibility for all unincorporated areas, Tinker Air Force Base, and assists other agencies. Phone: (405) 713-1049. Learn More

Investigations Division.
The Investigations Divisions primary duties are to conduct thorough follow-up investigations of crimes that occur within the primary jurisdiction of Oklahoma County. In addition the unit initiates new investigations based on criminal intelligence provided by deputies in the field and provide investigative assistance to other law enforcement agencies. Phone: (405) 713-1017 Learn More

Investigations Division.
The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for all arrest warrants filed in Oklahoma County. The Oklahoma County Warrant Unit was implemented in 1997 and deputies assigned to this unit work around the clock searching for fugitives with outstanding warrants. The Warrant Unit is often referred to as the “Fugitive Squad” and these deputies have been responsible for arresting thousands of Oklahoma County’s most dangerous criminals. If you know someone with an active warrant or have information about a fugitive please contact the fugitive hotline at (405) 713-6262, tips can also be emailed to soscocan@oklahomacounty.org.
Oklahoma County Motorcycle Patrol
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