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Assessor: Leonard Sullivan
     Search Records
             Live Database
             Interactive GIS Map
             Records Reproduction
     News Releases
             County Assessor
             County Wide
             Assessment History
             Top 10
             Assessment Roll
             Tax Rates
     Assessment Roll
             2003 Certification
             2002 Certification
     Tax Rates
             Current Tax Rates
             Tax Rate Histories
             Millage Adjustment Factors
             Levy Histories
                 E-mail Administration
                  E-mail Commercial Department
                  E-mail Residential Department
             Business Personal
                  E-mail Business Department
             Manufactured Housing
                  E-mail MFG Housing Department
             Farm Personal
                  E-mail Farm Department
             Homestead Exemption
                  E-mail Homestead Department
             Tax Exempt Entities
                  E-mail Exempt/Tax Roll Corrections Deptartment
             Mapping & Land
                  E-mail Mapping Department
                  1905 Government Plats
                  Standard CAD Layers
             Data Services
                  E-mail Database Administrator
                  E-mail Comptroller
      Tax Estimates
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      Important Dates
      Photo Album
              See All Photos
              Historic County Courthouse
              Vintage Downtown OKC
              Automobile Alley
              Historic Bricktown
              Historic Residences
              Historic Churches
              Historic Schools
              Skirvin Hotel
              Amusement Parks
              Community Collection
      Fire Districts
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      Meet Leonard
Board of Adjustment
     Career Search
     Recruitment Events
     County Employee Login
     Employment Application
Central Purchasing Department
City of Oklahoma City
County Commissioners:
      District 1: Willa Johnson
           Roads and Bridges
           Senior Citizens
           Photo Gallery
           About District One
     District 2: Brian Maughan
     District 3: Ray Vaughn
             Duties of a County Commissioner
             BOCC Meeting Dates
             Contact Us
             Map of District 3
             Economic Development
             Committees, Trusts, & Boards
             Past Projects
             Current Projects
             Future Projects
             Bridge Capacities
             Current News
             Site Map
Conditional Bond Release Program
County Clerk: Carolynn Caudill
      Real Estate-Registrar of Deeds
               About the Real Estate Division
               Filing Requirements
               Filing Fees
               Public Access System
               News Article on Records Preservation
      Uniform Commercial Code Central Filing Office
              Overview of the UCC Division
                      General Information
                      Where to File
                      Standard Forms
                      Filing Policy
                      Duration of Filing
                      Filing Provisions
                      Filing Fees
               UCC Electronic Filing System
               UCC Central Filing Office Administrative Rules
               Guide to UCC Central Filing
               National Standard UCC Forms
      Search UCC and Real Estate Filings
      File UCC Documents Electronically
      Public Meeting Agenda/Meeting Calendars
      Search Agenda and Minutes Archives
      County Budget/Annual Financial Report
                FY 2002-03 Budget
                FY 2001-02 Budget
                FY 2000-01 Budget
                FY 2002 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
                FY 2001 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
                FY 2000 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
                Affidavit for Contracts and payments over $1,000
                Request for Vendor Tax TD#
                W-9 Form
                W-9 Instructions
      Comments and Suggestions
      Contact the County Clerk
      Clerk Bio
      Location and Hours of Operation
      Functions of the County Clerk
               Board of County Commissioners
               Budget Board
               Board of Equalization
               Excise Board
               Board of Tax Roll Corrections
               Retirement Board
      County Clerk News/Clerk's Initiatives
      Mailing Address/Telephone Numbers
      Resource Links
      Employment Opportunities with the County Clerk
Court Clerk: Patricia Presley
     Meet Patricia Presley
     General Information
     Judge Phone Directory
     Satellite Offices
     Administrative Orders
     Oklahoma Local Rules
     Oklahoma Supreme Court Network
            OSCN Civil Filing Fees
     Small Claims
            Small Claims Procedures
     Family Domestic
            Pay Fines, Fees & Costs
            Beverage License
            Small Claims
     Other Services
            Notaries Public
            Minister's Credentials
            Passport Office
                Guidelines for Expedite Fee Cases
                The Houston Passport Agency Processing Timetable
            Traffic, Wildlife, and Boating Bond Schedule
            Jury Summons
            Photo Gallery
County Engineer
Election Board
Voter Registration
      Voter Registration in Oklahoma
      County Election Board Addresses
Absentee Voting
      Absentee Voting in Oklahoma
      Adobe Acrobat Reader
      Absentee Ballot Regular Application
      Absentee Ballot Incapacitated Application
Election Dates
Registration Statistics
      County Commissioners
      U.S. Congress
      State House
            State House 31, 39, 41
            State House 81, 82, 83
            State House 84, 85, 87
            State House 88, 89, 90
            State House 91, 92, 93
            State House 94, 95, 96
            State House 97, 99
            State House 100, 101
      State Senate
            State Senate 17, 22, 28
            State Senate 30, 40, 41
            State Senate 42, 43, 44
            State Senate 45, 46
            State Senate 47, 48
      District Judges
      Oklahoma County
Related Web Sites
      Oklahoma State Election Board
Emergency Management
Environmental Health & Safety
Juvenile Justice Center
             Court Services
             Detention Center
             Drug and Alcohol Unit
             Probation Services
             Special Probation Services
             Post Adjudication Review Board (PARB)
             Community Outreach Prevention Program
             SEA Program
             Survival Skills for Young Women
     About Us
     Site Map
Law Library
          About Us
          Local Court Rules
List of county names and seats
Metropolitan Library System
Oklahoma City Bombing Final Report
Oklahoma Supreme Court Network
OSU Extension Center
Planning Commission
     Floodplain Management
     Building Inspections
     Cell Tower Regulations
     Unincorporated Map
Sheriff: John Whetsel
     Sheriff's Bio
     Sheriff's of Oklahoma County
     Missing Persons
     Most Wanted
     Sex Offenders
     Inmate Search
     Administrative Services
         Property and Evidence Section
         Community Services Division
               Law Enforcement Explorers
               Reality Check Program
     Field Services
         Reserve Division
         Training Division
         Investigations Division
    Detention Services
    Judicial Services
         Transportation Unit
         Records and Warrants
         Protective Services Division
    Sheriff Sales
    Inmate Visitation
State of Oklahoma
Strategic Planning
    Planning Outline
    Planning Timeline
Social Services
    Contact Us
    Our Services
         Pharmacy Services
         Senior Citizen Resources
         Burial/Cremation Program
Treasurer: Forrest "Butch" Freeman
    Important Dates
    Quick Search/Online Payments
    Public Access Search
    Assessment Value Notification
    New Ownership
    Lien Sale Information
    Lien Sale Instructions
    Lien Sale Publication
    Payments from Mortgage Companies
    Resale Instructions
    Payment Schedule
    Bidding On County Owned Property
Vital Records Info for Oklahoma
Where Do I?
    Go for Jury Duty
    Pay Property Taxes
    Get a Marriage License
    Get a Passport
    Get Public Training
    Register to Vote