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What If I'm 16-21 Years Old?

The Workforce Oklahoma Center's Youth Program is designed to help young people 16-21 years old to earn a high school diploma or equivalent and to become job ready and career oriented.

The Youth Program provides employment and training services to economically disadvantaged youth possessing specific barriers to employment. The program focuses on comprehensive youth services consisting of 10 program elements which can be grouped around four major themes:

  1. Improving education achievement (including such elements as tutoring, study skills training and instruction leading to secondary school completion, dropout prevention strategies and alternative secondary school offerings)
  2. Preparing for and succeeding in employment (including summer employment opportunities, paid and unpaid work experience and occupational skills training)
  3. Supporting youth (including meeting supportive services needs and providing adult mentoring, follow-up services and comprehensive guidance and counseling)
  4. Offering services intended to develop the potential youth as citizens and leaders (including leadership development opportunities)
Am I eligible?

You will need to provide:
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Selective Service Registration (for males over 18 years old)
    • We can do this at the center.
  3. Proof of Residence (current utility bill or postmarked letter showing the address)
  4. Social Security Card
  5. Family Income (6 months pay stubs)
  6. Family Size (Verification of Family Size Form or TW-3 from DHS case worker)
    • We can supply this form at our center.
  7. Signature of Parent (if under 18 and not an emancipated youth)

For more information please contact Doris Jones at (405) 713-1890.

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