How do I contact the office?

Even though our office is working with limited staff, we are monitoring phone voicemails & emails regarding your questions.  Please contact us through the numbers listed below or (405) 713-1201 for general inquiries.  Your voicemail will be forwarded to the appropriate department for review.  Your call or email will be logged and we will respond in the order they are received.



Appealing the 2020 Value of your Property:

Question:  With the temporary closure of the assessor’s office, will the thirty (30) calendar day timeline be extended to appeal the 2020 value of my real estate property?

Answer:  Regrettably, No.  State statute has no such provision to extend the timeline of 30 calendar days from the date that is printed on the valuation notice.

Although our office is temporarily closed due to possible exposure of the COVID-19 virus, our appraisal staff is working from home monitoring emails and phone messages.  The County is limiting public access to the Courthouse so we encourage the public to communicate via email or telephone voicemail.  You may also mail your appeal, along with supporting documentation, to the address listed on the property notice.  We will accept all appeals via the USPS with a postmark date of 30 calendar days or less from the date printed on the notice. 

When we are allowed to return to work, we will contact property owners in the order in which the appeal was received.  We will attempt to do as many as possible over the phone but we feel there is still adequate time to file your appeal at this time. 

If your notice date is:

·       March 10, 2020  -  your deadline for appeal is Thursday, April 9th

·       March 16, 2020  -  your deadline for appeal is Wednesday, April 15th

Question:  Can I appeal my 2020 value even if I didn’t receive an increase notice of value?

Answer:  Yes.  If there was no change in value or there was a decrease from last year, the deadline is the first Monday of April, which falls on Monday, April 6th, 2020.


Appeal process:  You may appeal your valuation within thirty (30) calendar days from the mailing date shown on this notice. Any appeal must include a completed OTC Form 974 (Informal Protest) as well as any documentation supporting your appeal. Supporting documentation includes but is not limited to: Comparable Neighborhood Sales, a recent Fee Appraisal, Building Costs, Income/Expense information. Income/Expense forms are available for downloading at . You may appeal in person at 320 Robert S. Kerr, 4th Floor Room 417, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. & 4:00 p.m. and an informal hearing will be held at that time OR you may make a WRITTEN request for a telephonic informal hearing by sending a completed OTC Form 974 and any supporting documentation by mail, fax (405) 713-1178, or email Agents must provide a current letter of authorization from the property owner to represent them at an informal hearing and provide all supporting documentation at the time of appeal. A taxpayer that is unable to participate in a scheduled informal hearing, either in person or telephonically shall be given at least two opportunities to participate in one of the two alternative dates provided by the County Assessor. Ref: 68 O.S. §2876.


• The assessor shall make a final decision within seven (7) calendar days of the informal hearing and shall mail or deliver the notice of action to the property owner.

• The informal decision by the assessor may be appealed to the County equalization Board within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date of the decision is mailed.

For more information:

Oklahoma County Assessor’s office

Mon.- Fri. during office hours of 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

320 Robert S. Kerr, 4th Floor Room 417, Oklahoma City, Ok 73102

Phone (405) 713-1241



Do I still have pay my second half property tax amount before March 31st, 2020?


Property tax payments fall under the office of the County Treasurer (405) 713-1300 or . You will need to contact their office directly regarding tax payments, methods, amounts, & due dates.  The County Assessor does not accept property tax payments.


Question: Is the office closed to the public?

Answer:  Yes.  Our office has limited staff and we are not accepting the public at this time.  If you need to meet in person to conduct official county business, please call (405) 713-1201 and leave a voicemail detailing your needs.  You will be contacted to set up an appointment with further details.


Question:  Can I still file a deed or lien?

Answer:  Yes, Deeds are recorded with the County Clerk's Office